To Whom Shall We Go?

John 6:65-69 Then He said, “That is what I meant when I said that people can’t come to me unless the Father brings them to me.” 66 At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him. 67 Then Jesus turned to the Twelve and asked, “Are you going to leave, too?” 68 Simon Peter replied, “Lord, to whom would we go? You alone have the words that give eternal life. 69 We believe them, and we know you are the Holy One of God.”

This has been the question since ancient times.  The disciples knew the answer, although must be not all of them did.  Verse 66 declares that many of His disciples turned away and deserted Him.  Obviously Jesus had many more followers than just the 12.  Thus, the preceding verse would suggest that those that left had not been brought by the Father.  And leads to one of my favorite verses in all of scripture, “Lord, to whom would we go?”  Who else would we go to?  First thought, and most prominent today, is to ourselves.  Let me ask you, how has that turned out for you?  This is the definition the world wants us to believe.  Their favorite self-made “scripture” is, “Gotta look out for number 1, no one else will.”  Ok, I can believe this if we’re talking about flesh and worldly standards, but we’re not.  Or not supposed to be anyway.  If we truly have a relationship with our Savior, then this is ALL we need.  He looks out for us.  After all, He died for us.  We need only to trust (faith) and concentrate on Him rather than ourselves.  Now, lets take the world’s “scripture”.  It’s actually right on with what it declares.  The problem is that the deceiver changes it around in our minds.  We take the wrong #1 perspective.  When I was in high school I thought I knew everything.  Everyone else was wrong except for me.  Slowly this attitude changed, but the #1 did not.  That part took much more coaxing by the correct Spirit.  In fact without the destruction that satan had planned in my life, God would never have been able to change the situation for the good.  What satan intends for harm, God will thwart into the good.  Satan desired me dead.  God knew that I could make a change for the good and carry out my purpose He had planned from the beginning.  That’s why what satan had desired to shut up permanently, God would use for the benefit of the Kingdom.

WouId my attitude have changed?  Would my love for someone other than myself have changed?  Would my children, whom I did love, have seen a seen a shift in what was important?  Would The Rush, which for what it’s worth says I have 830 users not counting Facebook followers, have been “invented”?  Would I have met my soul in the female flesh form?  Would I have the desire to present what the Spirit is leading me to present so that others may follow the tug of the Spirit on their heart?  Would I have begun and then proceeded in wanting what God wants in my life as opposed to what Lance wants in my life?  Would I have fallen in love with someone’s heart instead of what I’d always fallen in love with, their flesh? (this is female related as well, wanted to disclose that one. lol)  And finally, summed up like this.  To whom else would I go?  (gotta love Peter)

Praise Jesus!!!!  I feel more love than I’ve ever felt.  The real love that God has always wanted us to feel.  Not just feel, but KNOW!  After all, I love all of you! Bless God!!


The Carousel

Matthew 28:19,20  Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 20 Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

I wasn’t going to post this morning, but I couldn’t help myself.  After all, I love all of you!  We, Americans, ride the carousel of life like no others in the world.  We board on one side, ride all the way around going through a gamut of activities throughout our day, and come right back to where we started only to do it all over again.  We have this freedom.   We have been blessed beyond measure over most all of the rest of the world.  Do we ever bother to thank God who has blessed us with all of this stuff?  Do we think of what our founding fathers endured to for us to make all of this possible for us?  As my best friend says to me every time I am conducting a construction project for him or myself, “Don’t worry brother, you’re doing this all for someone else anyway.”  Our founding fathers were doing it for someone else ultimately.  Jesus did it ALL for someone else.  Once He was completed He left us with the Great Commission.  How are we doing at that?  Does our carousel ever stop to benefit someone else? Do we really care about someones else’s soul and where it will spend eternity?  I never truly did.  Now, thanks to that tree, I honestly do!!  This life means nothing, absolutely NOTHING, if we are not living out the Great Commission.

We as Americans have made it out to be anything but.  Our fathers gave tribute to the one who created us ALL.  Now, we take God out of everything we can. What a joke!!!  Do we think God is going to continue to bless us as a nation while we work harder at removing His name than we do at praising, thanking, and honoring Him?  We’d rather concentrate on stuff than to concentrate on our relationship with Him who giveth and taketh away.  SAD!

Listen to this quote from Chuck Swindoll, “Every so often it’s helpful to stop the annual merry-go-round, get off, look objectively, and think clearly.”  

C’mon, let’s start thinking clearly.  Stop letting the world and all of their views, incorrect views I might add, affect our thinking.  Man is marrying, woman marrying woman, can’t say God in just about anything and only getting worse, must take the politically correct view, and unfortunately the list grows every day.  What would happen if, as Casting Crowns song declares . . . “What if His People Prayed”?  What if we called on His name?  What if we gave Him praise for the things He’s done and yet to do?  I’ll tell you what.  We’d move back toward God Bless America.  And currently I can about guarantee that is not going to be the case as we are already seeing.  Why would He bless something that is more taking than giving?  Hold on to your seats folks.  The ride is just beginning.  Pray, pray, pray!!!  I love you all so very much!!  Bless God that He may continue to bless us!!